Pros and Cons of Engineered Hardwood

Advantages and disadvantages of engineered flooring for you home

It seems that we are hearing about engineered hardwood floors everywhere these days, so you’re not alone if you are wondering whether or not this flooring type is worth the hype. There are many good reasons as to why engineered flooring is gaining in popularity, but it’s understandable if you’re dubious. Here is a selection of the pros and cons associated with hardwood engineered flooring so that you can decide for yourself whether or not this “trend” is here to stay!

What is Engineered Hardwood Flooring?

Before we dive in, let’s revisit what engineered hardwood flooring is exactly. Unlike hardwood flooring, which is made up of 100% wood, engineered hardwood flooring is made up of different layers of wood and other composite materials that have been fused (usually by heat or adhesive). This means that while engineered flooring looks very similar to hardwood flooring on the surface, it does not behave in an identical way to hardwood flooring due to its different internal makeup.

Pros of Engineered Hardwood Flooring

1. Higher Moisture Tolerance

One of the most common problems that those who use hardwood flooring face is its moisture sensitivity. Solid wood floors and water do not mix and can often result in warping. While engineered hardwood is not waterproof (it does still contain wood, after all), it is considerably more moisture-tolerant which means that it can be used in some basements, kitchens, or bathrooms.

2. Attractive to New Homebuyers

Much like authentic hardwood is a major selling point for potential home buyers, engineered hardwood also is. Homebuyers see it as a high-end perk which means that it might help you sell your house faster.

3. Great for Heated Floors

If you are looking to install heated flooring in your home (also known as radiant heating), hardwood floors are not the safest option. Engineered wood, however, is extremely heat-resistant and makes a wonderful choice for heated flooring.

4. Engineered Flooring is Easier to Install

There are several different ways to install engineered hardwood floors, including a plank-locking method. While it is still recommended that you always have your flooring installed by a professional, engineered flooring is easier to DIY than several over kinds of flooring.

Cons of Engineered Hardwood Flooring

1. Not a Huge Price Difference

While engineered hardwood often comes with lower installation costs thanks to its “floating floor” installation method that doesn’t involve the use of nails or adhesive, the high cost of the materials usually means that the cost of hardwood flooring is not much cheaper than its hardwood counterparts. Therefore the price is not usually a pull factor for engineered hardwood floors.

2. Not Scratch Proof

While engineered hardwood may hold up to scratches and dents more than your average hardwood flooring, it is still not scratch or dent-proof. Plus, it is not always possible to sand away blemishes with engineered hardwood floors, as they can withstand much less sanding than 100% hardwood floors.

3. Susceptible to the Sun

Engineered hardwood is susceptible to the sun’s rays and will fade over time. While you can rely on window coverings such as blinds or drapes to slow down the effect, it is only natural that your floors will change color slightly over the years due to exposure to the sun.

Is Engineered Wood Right For Me?

Feeling like the cons outweigh the pros? No problem! Engineered wood is not the only flooring type on the market. If you are not yet sold on the idea of this particular floor type, we encourage you to pay us a visit at the King of Floors showroom. Our friendly professionals can go over the details of other flooring types such as linoleum, hardwood, and stone.

Come Visit the King of Floors

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