What Kind of Flooring is Best for Bathrooms?

image of bathroom floors

Is your bathroom due for a remodel? When it comes to the type of flooring that’s best suited for your bathroom, there are a few factors you’ll want to consider. While you want to choose a flooring that matches your aesthetic, this room of your house requires careful consideration compared to others. Bathroom surfaces need to be seal-tight with great water resistance to prevent damage. Ultimately, this needs to be your number one priority.

Why is Waterproofing Important?

Glad you asked! From water splashing out of the sink to overflowing tubs and toilets, your bathroom flooring needs to withstand it all. Even steamy showers can harm the integrity of your floors if the wrong type is installed. Luckily, with the variety of flooring types on the market, you don’t need to compromise beauty for function. Here are some great options for your bathroom floors:

1.    Vinyl

Tried and true, vinyl flooring continues to grow in popularity. This is especially true for bathrooms thanks to vinyl’s resistance to water. However, this flooring has so much more to offer than it’s easy-to-clean surface.

  • For starters, vinyl is extremely durable. If you’ve got a house of kids who love to drag their toys about or pets who can’t quite comprehend that digging on hard flooring isn’t going to lead anywhere, vinyl is for you. Scratch-resistant and strong, vinyl plank is tough to damage with its ultra-durable wear layer.
  • Concerned about the aesthetic of your bathroom flooring? Worry no more. Vinyl flooring is available in a variety of styles, finishes, and patterns to ensure your bathroom hits the mark. Whether you’re looking for polished marble, rustic wood grain, or modern tile, you can have it all with vinyl flooring.
  • A huge advantage of vinyl flooring is its affordability. You don’t need to break the bank to have waterproof flooring in your preferred style.
  • User friendly, tile and plank vinyl flooring can be seamlessly installed by proud DIYers. Simple, efficient, and seal-tight, you can click your vinyl flooring into place yourself or have them professionally installed.
  • Even though vinyl has more to offer than being waterproof, it’s worth discussing in more detail. While vinyl planks themselves are water-resistant due to the plastic make-up, they’re completely waterproof when installed. Therefore, if you’re looking for 100% waterproof vinyl flooring in Surrey and surrounding areas, visit our King of Floors showroom. We carry completely waterproof and worry-free vinyl flooring.

2.    Engineered Hardwood

While wood and water are not generally the ideal duo, engineered hardwood features a plywood base that repels moisture. If you’re wanting your bathroom to have the luxury that only classic hardwood can deliver, you don’t need to compromise function with engineered wood.

  • First things first, hardwood is timeless. Nothing screams aesthetic like a pristine set of wood planks. With engineered hardwood, you can add value to your home without compromising efficiency.
  • The construction of engineered hardwood makes it more resistant to moisture than traditional hardwood. The top layer of engineered wood planks is 100% hardwood; however, they feature a plywood base that can withstand temperature changes and humidity. So, if you have underfloor heating in your bathroom, engineered hardwood can be used. Furthermore, you won’t have issues with warping and rotting like you may with traditional hardwood.
  • In addition to resistance, the construction of engineered hardwood makes it more durable than traditional wood. Since the top layer of hardwood runs perpendicular to the plywood base, you’ll have a stronger and more stable install.
  • Lastly, if you’re desperately wanting hardwood installed throughout your home but gasp at the price tag, stress no further. Engineered hardwood offers luxury at an affordable price point. At the King of Floors, we carry the largest selection of in-stock engineered hardwood floors at the best prices.

Ready to Browse?

While shopping online is the norm these days, nothing beats browsing in-person. As a proud family-owned flooring company, our King of Floors showroom carries the largest selection of in-stock vinyl, laminate, and engineered-hardwood. As direct importers, we don’t jack up the price like other flooring stores in Surrey. Rather, we pride ourselves on fair and affordable pricing to deliver the best customer service in the industry. Come visit us today, our Surrey flooring showroom is worth the trip!