Should Wood Floors Match Kitchen Cabinets?

popular types of wooden kitchen flooring and types of cabinet would match

Over recent years, it has become more and more common to have wooden floors in the kitchen. Though it used to be the territory of ceramic tiles and vinyl flooring, the kitchen is now also a popular area to see wooden flooring of all kinds. 

But the floors are not the only area in the kitchen that uses large amounts of wood. Indeed, it is very common for the majority of kitchens to also host kitchen cabinets. In this article, we will answer the big question that goes into a modern kitchen design: should my wooden kitchen floors match my wooden kitchen cabinets? 

Should My Floors and Cabinets Match?

If you would really like to have your kitchen cabinets and floors match, that’s okay. However, it’s even more okay if they don’t match exactly. 

In fact, according to interior designers, the goal in any kitchen is to have your cabinetry and wooden floors complement one another — not offer an exact match. This is actually good news for anyone who is renovating a kitchen, as it can be rather hard to find precise matches for existing floor or cabinet hues. 

If you’re unsure of which wooden materials you should use to complement one another, we will now proceed to overview the best kind of wood floors for your kitchen. 

6 Popular Types of Kitchen Floors

Homeowners love to have wooden floors in the kitchen because of their comfort and cleanability. Of course, there is also the aesthetic appeal of hardwood. Here are some of the most popular types of wood that were used in kitchen floors: 

1. Pine

Pine has a light brown appearance and is a popular choice for kitchens. However, it can be finished to fit a different type of colour scheme as it most often comes unfinished. It is also known for being durable and relatively inexpensive. 

2. Douglas Fir

Douglas Fir floors are less commonly used in the kitchen, but this type of wood actually makes for a very long-lasting and stylish flooring. It is most often used in cabinets, but it can be used on the floor of the kitchen as well. 

3. Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood has benefits as a flooring type that goes beyond its environmental sustainability. In fact, as it is often made from old farmhouses and industrial spaces, it can often give any room a chic rustic vibe. 

4. Maple Plank

Maple wood is not ideal for staining, so it’s best that you only install maple plank flooring if you are planning to enjoy it in its natural state. Luckily, maple plank floors are a gorgeous brown hue, and they are also durable and beautiful. 

5. Bamboo

Bamboo wood is a unique choice for kitchen flooring and is renowned for its natural properties. For one thing, bamboo floors offer the ability to withstand high moisture levels, which makes them the perfect choice for kitchen environments. 

6. Cherry

Although cherry wood enjoyed the most popularity in the 1990s and 2000s, it has been experiencing somewhat of a renaissance in different years. It has a unique red-ish tint. 

3 Popular Types of Kitchen Cabinets 

Now that we understand what types of flooring are most popular, here is an overview of common options for kitchen cabinets, as well as the type of flooring colour that they match the best with: 

1. Dark Walnut

Dark walnut is one of the darkest cabinetry hues on the market. It works well with a light brown floor colour. 

2. White

White cabinets are common in kitchens, and they are especially beloved for their fresh, clean look. White cabinets pair well with kitchen floors that are lighter brown in hue. 

3. Golden Oak

Golden oak is a light brown, natural-looking cabinet, that blends in the best with darker wooden floors. 

No matter what you envision for your kitchen space, King of Floors can help you make your dreams a reality. Visit our flooring showroom in Surrey for a large selection of wooden floors and discover what will work best in your space.